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This is me – I am a real person, real mom and I am excited about being able to get in touch with everyone who likes being a mom or is looking forward to being a mom!

Being mom is the best job in the world! I am now 59 years old and my two boys are all grown up. Few years back I re-married and that got me not only a man I love dearly and who makes me happy every single day – I also got a beautiful step-daughter ! She is now 22 years old, university student and my great friend.

And -the thrill of my life – I am also a granma! I wanted to be one forever – I love children and to have a grandchild was a wish that I never really kept secret. The most beautiful little person is now a big part of our family – baby boy Jaxson was born on April 25th,2009! I can’t say enough about him – he is the light of my life – no matter how badly I can feel sometimes, his smile makes everything good and beautiful! I see so much of my son Dan in him, it brings back wonderful memories and all I want now is to be the best granma ever!

Of course – I could fill this page just talking about Jaxson – but this is supposed to tell you a bit about me:

I was born in the former Czechoslovakia, in a little town called Hermanuv Mestec – about 100 km east of Prague.

I lived with my Grandma, Grandpa and my single mom – my best ever friend. She unfortunately passed away quite a few years ago, but her ideas, thoughts, principles and everything she thought me and told me will always be with me.

I came to Canada in 1969, after Russian army came uninvited into my country. As difficult as the transition was, I have never been sorry that I did. I have two sons – Dusan and Dan, both already in their 30′s. I am so proud of them, I can’t even tell you! Dusan is married to a gem of a girl – Kara- and they live in Northern Ontario. Dan is the proud daddy of Jaxson and his partner Nicole is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met!

Having a family around me is the best thing for me – I have always totally enjoyed being  a  mom and I consider having a good, loving family relationship to be one of my biggest accomplishments.

Being a mom and honestly wanting to be the best mom possible has made me continuously strive for doing everything I touched with 110% effort – that resulted in vast knowledge and experiences that i have now decided to share  – and that is where Mama Knows came from.

Since I believe that there is always something we can all learn, I am hoping to create an exchange of communications with other grandmothers, mothers ,daughters – giving everyone the opportunity to get better and feel better about everything that is “MAMA”

Hope you will share your experiences and your knowledge with everyone as well – I am excited about making new friends, learning new things and having fun doing it!

Thank You and hope to talk to you very soon!


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About Us, 5.6 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Michele says:

    O I’m very glad I found this place. Everything you said about loving to be a mother and cherishing all the things your mother…and grand parents passed on to you. Also about not making it a secret how much you looked forward to being a grandma. I felt so a kin to all you said. I’m so glad I found this part of the blogisphere. I’m a mom of 8 children and I’ve been married to my love for 24 yr. My oldest son is 22 and my youngest daughter is 6. We love to cook and enjoy each others everyday. They are all very wonderful people, artistic and creative. I’m so glad to be their mom and share this life with them and my husband. It is so fun to find others that feel the same way about family and life.

    • So good to hear from you Michele – I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and share! It sounds like you have a wonderful family that you can be so proud of and I am touched by your proud words about your children.Family is definitely something to be treasured and I hope more and more people realize that and cherish what they have. Thanks again and I do hope to hear from you and share your experiences again soon!

  2. Germaine says:

    Just came upon your site today, I joined and look forward to exploring your site, I work full time and a singe mom, but at this time, I’m laid up with a broken shoulder due to falling on ice three weeks ago, just starting to get use of my right arm slowly, I love cooking and baking and hope to get habit done for the holiday season, I’m so looking forward to discovering new recipes here and one day starting my own site to share with people, have a great day..

  3. Donna says:

    Hi Hanna, I have tried many of your recipes and loved them all. Recently I just found out that I have diabetes so there for I can’t use your recipes any more, unless you have any for diabetes…. Do you?? It would be nice

    • Sorry to hear about the challenge you are facing. There are a few diabetic recipe on my website – just search for either “diabetic” or “np sugar”. I will definitely be posting more diabetic recipes -keep checking in and thank so much for your kind feedback!

  4. Jeff Blackwell says:

    Hanna: I stumbled onto your web site and I’m impressed. Keep up the good work. My wife’s grandparents were Czech. They lived and farmed in a small community in Weimar, Texas. My question is: Advise me on how I could feed hummingbirds, out of my hand, when they’re in season. Thanks and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    • Hi Jeff! Some people told me they had no problem feeding the little guys from their hand, other – including myself – tried and tried without success. What you definitely need is a lot of time and patience – put some food on your hand, stretch it towards where they are and wait – they will sense it and depepnding on their mood, decide whether or not to take the offering. Goof luck and please let me know how it went!

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