How to Make Christmas Stockings

First published: November 20, 2013 in Crafts

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You can make your very own Christmas stockings and add a special touch to each one. Use them to decorate with, fill with treats and give as gifts

Here is a really cute idea! You can easily turn woolen socks into one of a kind Christmas stockings – imagine hanging them on your mantel or accenting your armoire with them. All you have to do is find the woolen stockings you like, and think how you can complement their look. Adding flannel patches, pieces of wool materials, trims, buttons, bells or a fringe will make these your very own. Most items can be stitched on by using a darning needle and narrow ribbon, yarn or cotton. Adding a name is easy as well – here are 3 easy steps for you:

Insert a cardboard liner cut slightly larger than the sock, into the sock before decorating. THe liner will prevent stitching chatching the back of the sock

Stitvh letter, using yearn and back stitches – it may be a good idea to mark your letter on the sock first – easier to keep them the same size

Knot a loop of ribbon through top of sock for a hanger. You can put small treats into your sock or stuff it with a tissue paper or polyester fiberfill if you are using it for a decor.

And here is a very cute idea – making stocking for your four-legged friends and filling them with some treats!

treat your pets this Christmas as well – they know they have been good!

Hope you will enjoy making your own Christmas stockings – please send me your comments, suggestion and experiences – and pictures – your input is very welcomed and much appreciated!

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