Thanksgiving Games

First published: November 11, 2010 in Featured Articles

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There is always that block of time when kids can get restless and adults can get bored. I know that there are football games and special movies, but sometime it is a good idea to plan for some creative games – for both the children and the adults.

To check out children’s games, please visit:

Thanksgiving Games For Kids Page

To plan Games for Adults, here are few you will be able to organize with little effort and enjoy them with your family and friends:

Pumpkin Bowling


  • Save ten 2 liter plastic soda bottles and fill with a couple of inches of sand to weight the bottles.
  • Decorate the bottles by covering them with white plastic (kitchen garbage bags are good for that)
  • Using permanent black markers to draw funny ghost faces on them, creating your special bowling pins
  • Get enough small pumpkin gourds to use for bowling bowls. They are not perfectly round and that makes Pumpkin Bowling more fun!
  • Use blue or green painters tape to mark bowling lanes on your driveway, deck or patio if you want to play outside. Or do the same inside in a room with appropriate surface and space.
  • You can play this as an individual game or set up teams and give prizes to winners!


Making Friends


This game works very well as an icebreaker when you have guests attending who don’t know each other.

  • As each person arrives, they are given an envelope. You can give blue envelopes to the men and pink ones to women, if you want this game to make easier – or just use plain white envelope.
  • In all envelopes are halves of a picture (tip: cut the pictures in zigzag lines, it’s more fun to match them)– you can use old greeting cards or postcards (ones with flowers work the best)
  • So each person receives only half of a picture and they are asked to find the missing half.
  • That allows them to start talking to other guest and get to know each other.

Thanksgiving Touches

  • This is a great game when you have number of couple attending your Thanksgiving celebration
  • You will need as many blindfolds as you have guests, plus a good number of wooden or plastic clothes pins
  • Give each guest number of clothes pins – 10 is a good idea.
  • Ask them to place the clothes pins all over their clothing
  • Blindfold each guest
  • On your signal, the guest are asked to remove the clothes pins from their partner
  • The first couple who collects all the clothes pins off each other are the winners

Hope you have fun with these games and that you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving – please send in your comments, suggestions and experiences, your input is always welcomed and very much appreciated

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