The Power of Inspiration

First published: October 28, 2010 in Featured Articles

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I know this may be a little step away from what I usually put on this website, but I am convinced that everyone has low points in their life and there are times when we all need a little inspiration. Hope you will read the book I am about to recommend and you really should see the video I have included a link to. Watch and listen carefully to the words this lady has for all of us.

Please allow me to explain why I decided to do this now – just when you are thinking about getting enough candies and looking for Halloween information and tips. There is never a bad time to send a good message, powerful words of those, who have earned the right to inspire all of us.

This past February, I had the worst possible event enter my life, when my son died tragically in a car accident. How do you go on, how do you hold yourself together, how do you keep being able to put a smile on your face? Through a number of absolutely incredible events, I have met more special people then I could have ever imagined. We all found out just what a huge impact my son’s work and his beliefs had on people – especially children. Our family has set up a foundation to honor him and keep his dreams and his work with children continuing. You can see more information on

Here is what helped me and inspired me the most – and still does, every day.

One of the most inspirational people I am now proud to call my special friend is Lynda Weinberg Fishman. She is the  author of Repairing Rainbows – a book that has been beside me every single day. The original copy that I got is now with my younger son and I was thrilled when Lynda sent me a copy with her special message to me in it. Whatever your challenges in life are, this book will help you put everything in perspective. I have now read it three times in full and keep opening pages when I need a little inspiration to feeling positive. Here is very short part from Lynda’s book – it is the one that I have typed out, framed and hung it in front my desk to look at each time I need to remind myself what I need to do:

I choose hope instead of despair

I choose acceptance as opposed to judgment or rejection

Forgiveness feels much better than holding a grudge

Recognizing opportunities to learn and grow outweighs the burden of guilt and regret

Truth and honesty are way easier than lies

I choose gratitude and appreciation rather than greed and jealousy

I choose happiness for others, instead of envy

I much prefer being upbeat and joyful, compared to down and miserable

I choose to smile

I choose to laugh

I choose to live

I have said this – especially the last 3 lines to myself and to others hundreds of times – and I hope you will all keep this advice with you: “We always have choices”

Lynda’s book is available from:

Repairing Rainbows from Chapters/Indigo

Repairing Rainbows from

One thing I want to add here – proceeds from Lynda’s book are being donated to organizations who help children deal with grief. I think Lydan and her family are very special and will always be and I want to express my personal gratitude for that.

And this morning – it was Lynda who posted a link to YouTube on Facebook. I thought I will check it out and what an incredible experience watching and listening to Alice and her story – all about the power of human mind, attitude and enjoyment of life. I will let you be the judge – I guarantee you – this lady will put a smile on your face and make you realize just how beautiful life is!

Alice The Film

Have a wonderful day and hope that you are inspired to smile!

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