Tips for New Highschool Students

That first day of school can be a real awakening. It doesn’t really matter whether it is for the anxious new freshman or a confident and experienced senior, back to school time is a transition time – everything is new. But – there is no escaping – you have to go! Here are a few tips and suggestions to make the change from lazy summer days to hectic back to school days as easy as possible.

Get ready for the First Day

Get ready to wonder around – get ready to deal with lockers, get ready to remember to bring everything you need to or wanted to bring and totally get ready for trying to find your homeroom. How can you make it easier? If you are starting new school, try to visit it before classes begin. That means finding places like the gym, library, labs, etc. And to make it easier, check if the school you are entering has maps – get one and keep it in your backpack for future references until you are familiar with the school layout.

Get Your Stuff Together

You will need to take your school supplies and paperwork with you on your first day. It is definitely a good idea to pack your backpack at least the day before your first school day so that you are not rushing and scrambling around at the last minute. Pack you basic supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, etc. and collect any school forms that were mailed to your family over the summer.

Choose Your Wardrobe

Pick what you are planning to wear and try it on – that will help you decide.Focus on wearing what makes you feel good, not on what you think others will wear. And just in case you are planning on wearing new shoes, make sure you break them in ahead of time to avoid any discomfort on your first school day.

Get Your Emotions in Check

It is simple: new place = new emotions. You may be feeling anxious, scared, tense or excited. It is perfectly normal to feel all that – just remember that it takes some getting used to. Once your establish your school routine, things will calm down. If you are worried and tense, remember to start small. If large groups of students make you nervous, start by talking to one or two people each day – the one at the desk next to yours in your homeroom or a few people to sit with in the cafeteria is a good start. If you still feel uncomfortable after a few days, set up a meeting with your school guidance counsellor or your teacher and discuss the matter. But do give yourself some time, most problems adjusting to school are only temporary.

Hope you have enjoyed these basic tips – please send in your comments, suggestions an experiences, your input is always welcomed and much appreciated

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