Five Fun Rainy Day Games for Kids

First published: August 3, 2012 in Parenting

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Today is a beautiful day out there – blue skies and lots of sunshine. But when I checked the weather forecast, it looks like we are going to get some rain on Sunday (and that’s a good thing) So – when you are forced to keep your children inside, it is a good idea to have a few games you can occupy them with in mind . Here are five that will help and for more Summer Fun Games for children, please check out:

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Five Fun Rainy Day Games for Kids:

1. Hold a Home Spa Day: Have fun painting each others nails bright colours and using temporary hair colours to try out new shades for a day or two.

2. Play a Game of Match the Socks: Pull out that basket of unmatched items and have your child pick out the ones that go best together.

3.  Create an indoor garden: Precut yellow triangles and brown circles. Ask each child to glue yellow triangles around the brown circles. Then have him add a green streamer to the bottom of the flower. You can even glue birdseed to the creation.

4. Write a Short Novel: With your older child, start writing a short novel – taking turns to write chapters and continuing each others stories. If you leave a space after each chapter, the next step would be drawing pictures to each others writings.

5. Take To The Puddles: Put on some old clothes and see who can make a bigger splash. Kids of all ages will enjoy seeing you being so carefree!

Hope this will help you have some indoor (and outdoor) fun with your children. Your comments, experiences and additions are always very welcomed and appreciated!


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