Top Ten Halloween Safety Tips

First published: October 30, 2013 in Parenting

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Safety is very important all the time – but on the Halloween it is even more so – please read the following tips and refresh your memory – everyone wants to have a safe and happy experience!

Ten Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Children should always be accompanied by an adult
  2. Children should wear clothing that is easily visible in the dark – reflective materials are the best.
  3. Trick or treat in areas that are well known to children and do not wonder into unknown neighbourhoods
  4. All candies need to be carefully inspected by adults to make sure they have not been tampered with. If you find a suspicious candy, you need to contact the police.
  5. Children need to be told to stay away from stray animals
  6. Children should wear masks that do not interfere with their vision. It is much better to create a face mask using make up.
  7. Children need to watch for any vehicles on the road very carefully and not run across the streets.
  8. Costumes need to be short enough to make sure the child doesn’t trip.
  9. All trick or treaters should carry a flashlight and be dressed appropriately for the weather
  10. If you have a smallest doubt about letting children go house to house, organize a party for children in the neighbourhood!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween and send your comment, suggestions and experiences in – your input is always welcomed!


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