How to Choose Your Valentine Rose

red  rosesI have to say it – it really is only roses that you should consider giving to your special person for Valentines Day. In my mind – no other flowers will do. They are the traditional gift given for Valentines Day, even though it is true that they will be well received any day of the year.  But before you go ahead and buy roses, you might want to know what message you are sending, because – yes – there is a message in the colour of roses you will choose.

The colour of rose can have a very different meaning from what you have intended so to make sure your loved one understands what her roses mean, here is a guide for you:

RED ROSE: this one is simple – red roses say “I Love You” and they are the ultimate symbol of love and passion


YELLOW ROSE: These indicate friendship and freedom – so you do not want to send them if you have romantic intentions


PALE PINK ROSE: THis one says : grace, gentleness and gratitude


LIGHT PINK ROSE: A joy to behold, light roses express fun and happiness


DEEP PINK ROSE: These simply say “Thank You” and remember that this colour of roses has also become closely associated with breast cancer


LILAC ROSE: This colour clearly sates that the sender has fallen in love at first sight and is enchanted


WHITE ROSE: Pure white roses symbolize truth and innocence. They also send a message of: “I Miss You” and “You Are Heavenly”


PEACH ROSE: These speak of appreciation and gratitude


CORAL ROSE: This colour expresses on thing that matches the passionate colour – desire


ORANGE ROSE: This colur communicates enthusiasm and desire on the part of the sender




RED AND YELLOW ROSES: You will be sending a message of happiness and celebration if you choose this combination


RED AND WHITE ROSES: When you give this combination of roses, you will be sending the message of bonding and harmony


SINGLE RED ROSE: You will like this one: “I love you but I am not going to go broke telling you!”


I hope you have enjoyed this information and that it will help you in choosing the roses you will give to your loved one this Valentines Day! Please send in your comments – your input is always welcomed and very much appreciated


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